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Thinking of it like that, you finally build your website. But even after a month or so, you do not see much traffic on it. Sounds similar? Well, this is something that can happen to a lot of newbies. Lead generation has been a challenge for many, but only a few have overcome this hurdle effortlessly.

According to Kissmetrics, live chat is a beneficial tool that helps to boost lead generation for a business. The consultancy stated compelling statistics that are sure to help you take a final call about live chat.

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Some of them are as follows:. Generate Leads with Live Chat. Over the years, live chat has become an essential tool to gather leads for a business. However, its potential as a lead generation tool is yet to be discovered among industry players. The use of live chat has become prominent in eCommerce, customer support, healthcare, automotive, IT enterprises and other industries.

But some industries are yet to discover its use not just as a lead generation tool, but also as a support software. When it comes to small business marketing , most of the small business owners lack in producing innovative marketing ideas for their product branding, promotion, and sales. This happens more with those who have started up recently. There can be multiple reasons behind this, starting from having a tight marketing budget to a dearth of marketing skills, from employing inept human resources to limiting to one specific marketing channel, and so on.

However, whichever is the reason, the results will be substandard. To tackle this crisis, entrepreneurs must constantly brainstorm full-stack marketing strategies that fit in all aspects of their organization and help them attain their marketing goals. Though, at times, this can be seriously strenuous and challenging even for a seasoned small business owner. To combat these marketing-deadlocks and find out new opportunities, we have made a simple yet powerful list of three marketing blends that let you pursue your marketing intents.

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Content is by far the most powerful weapon for businesses, be it a small business or a big corporate house. By creating pleasure-to-read contents around your business niche and industry you can reach a wider audience and achieve bigger business goals in the long run. Starting from blog contents, to media press releases, from case studies to magazine publications, contents can be of different types.

Depending on your marketing budget you should focus on a few of these content types. However, you must constantly come up with interesting, informative, and breathtaking contents that will keep on exciting your audience and customers about your small business. Therefore, consider and concentrate on a few content types that are the best fits for you from all aspects.

When blog contents can help you in SEO of your website, press releases let you showcase your state-of-the-art products to a widespread relevant audience. Ultimately, both of these are put to use to ramp-up the business lead generation and sales. Additionally, you should also eye on publishing multimedia contents, like videos, imageries, infographics, podcasts, etc.

You may also embrace the content-repurposing approach that lets you re-create the same content in different shapes and formats. Content-repurposing helps you funnel visitors to your site from multiple online channels and thus, increases the visibility and sales. Most of the time small business owners ignore these and repeatedly fail in building a community around their brand.

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There is no limit in content creation. When digital contents help you connect with your online buyers easily and quickly, a few offline publications featuring you or your company can offer huge publicity for your brand. Content creation is neither a process nor a one-time-shot, but it is a culture that you must relentlessly develop in your small biz, that will set you apart from all of your competitors.

Creating contents should not be the last thing in your arsenal. Instead, you must know how to market your contents and other assets to attract and reach a larger audience base. At this stage, you must have a solid digital marketing strategy that will amplify your content and broadcast that to your target audience and customers.

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Invest in SEO : According to different studies, search engines bring the maximum percentage of traffic to one website. Hence, SEO your website, its contents, visuals, and user experience to turn it into a search-traffic-magnet forever. Remember, SEO takes enough time and demands deep optimization skills , but gets the best results in the long run. Bid on Google Ads : If you need business from the very beginning which is quite obvious for a small business, bid on Google Ads. Though it depends on your products and services, still Google Ads is one of the best online marketing channels that help you capture business leads and sales from day one.

Traffic from Google ads is not free; nevertheless, this can be really profitable if done rightly. The only thing you need to develop is skills. You need to have patience when marketing on social media sites like, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can grow slowly by reaching your social media audience organically, else you can plan your social media ad spend to accelerate your growth.

Traditionally and even today email marketing has been empowering small businesses to reach their audiences directly and have a more personalized communication. If executed properly, it can generate a lot of sales for your business. Employ continuous efforts in building a brand that people trust and recommend. Neither it is a one-day job, nor can you artificially get it. Instead, you have to earn it by selling the best experiences to your customers. On the other hand, if your product or service empowers your customers they will naturally become your most valuable brand advocates.