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On the Stefan problem with a small parameter

Gariepy , M. Shillor and X. Xu , Existence of generalized weak solutions to a model for in situ vitrification.

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  • The Stefan Problem?

European J. Koegler and C. Kindle , Modeling of the in situ vitrification process.

SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis

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Optimal Control and Inverse Problems for PDEs I. Inverse Stefan Problem Part I

Differential Integral Equations 9 Xu , Existence for a model arising from the in situ vitrification process. Journals Seminars Books Theses Authors. Between and. Finite element approximation of a Stefan problem with degenerate Joule heating.

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Barrett, John W. Cannon , and Jim Douglas, Jr. XXI, Fasc I , pp.

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First-Order Solution to Glass-Ice Stefan Problem - Wolfram Demonstrations Project

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